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Our Mission

Our Inspiration

Our Mission

  The Onward and Upward Foundation

                 funds endeavors 

           that are assisting others 

           in moving closer toward 

           greater self-actualization 

            and greater awareness 

           of the power of love, joy,

          gratitude, and compassion 

        in our lives and communities.



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Our History

Our Inspiration

Our Mission

The founders and Co-Directors of the Foundation are Chuck (Charles) and Nancy Roehm who reside in Washington State. 

The idea for The Onward and Upward Foundation came from an album of original songs titled Onward and Upward that Chuck wrote with the intention of publishing songs that would provide an uplifting alternative to the negative messaging we sometimes hear in popular culture.  

After publishing the album In early 2019, we were encouraged to expand this idea further by forming a non-profit foundation to provide funding for a broader range of ideas and endeavors within the framework of moving Onward and Upward.  With assistance from a friend with non-profit experience, we established the Onward and Upward 501(c) 3 Foundation that year.   

It’s hard to imagine any aspects of life on Earth that wouldn’t benefit from people moving Onward and Upward toward greater self-actualization and higher consciousness.  


Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

The songs Chuck writes and performs are intended to inspire moving Onward with our goals and endeavors and Upward in our consciousness and awareness.


Proceeds from his newest album, titled Onward and Upward, are also donated to The Onward and Upward Foundation to assist people and programs that are already creating good in their communities, to help them expand their services. 

Go to to listen to samples of his songs.  Purchasing his music is another way to help support others in moving Onward and Upward.

Help others move Onward and Upward

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